setup vlan tag for Netgear router

If you just get yourself a new Netgear router and can’t figure out why your router not able to connect to the internet even after you done everything, you probably didn’t setup your vlan tagging properly.

I am using TMnet Unifi with Netgear Orbi router, but this info below should be the same for all Netgear router. I used Netgear R6220 previously.

First login to your router admin page (for orbi Check your gateway ip if you have no idea. Then go to Advanced -> Advanced Setup ->VLAN/Bridge Settings.

Check the ‘Enable VLAN/Bridge group’ and click Save.

Select the ‘By VLAN tag group’.

Next, add entry as per below. Add IPTV entry if you are using Hypptv.

Add then click ‘Apply’.

That should do the trick! Let me know if you have problem.